Tears and smiles

Didi's Art Design

When our heart is crying
It leaves tears
Through its outer portals
Through speaking eyes

When our heart is laughing
Words are silent
Face is smiling
Eyes express joy

Invisably tears connect
Are caught like an infection
Touches hearts
Create compassion among people

Smiles likewise connect
Go from heart to heart
A music arising inbetween
A dance of feelings

Message: we are all connected, one…

DidiArtist, 12.01.2020

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davidbrucehaiku: peak entertainment

Heroes Vs. Villains

Sarah Doughty

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m
the hero or the villain in my story.”

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the hero or the villain in my story. I know what I’ve survived. I know what I’ve overcome. And I know what demons I still need to fight. But I also know what kind of mark I’m leaving upon my loved ones.

I know I can’t show my love like a normal affectionate person. I know how sometimes any light or sound will make my head feel like exploding. I know my anxiety can make me restless and lose my temper. So I do wonder. Am I a hero for overcoming, but with a few flaws. Or am I the villain, for not being the person I should be for the ones I love?

© Sarah Doughty

Either way, I’m not without flaws.

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