The Road Taken, a poem by S Francis

Go Dog Go Café

Yes, I found it, just the road I needed,
Less the doubts and questions,
Inside woods I know I knew. Now, that done,
The snow begins in small flakes
One each one each
One at a time they fall to their place
On the leaves that too
One each one each
One at a time fell to their place. Here.

Here, where stillness can only be unstilled
By a breeze that misses the leaves felled
And deer that escape too soon for season.
I am here, too, still as snow on a leaf,
My heart a tiny rhythm for the voice
That trembles through bare branches.
Hear… what matters… here… what matters
One each one each
One at a time fell still in their place.

This has been one of the most well received poem since my return to blogging at Read more about the poem here:

The Road…

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