Sarah Doughty

“And then. I knew what it meant
to fall in love.”

And those eyes were like a beacon. Drawing me toward it like a moth to flame. Those blue flames shimmered behind your eyes, mesmerizing me. Holding me captive. In that moment, I knew beauty for the first time. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to. Everything about you held me in a trance and I didn’t want to look away for fear the spell would be broken. And then. I knew what it meant to fall in love.

© Sarah Doughty

It felt like inevitability.

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Three Line Tales: Fiction — “The Chess Match” #amwritingfiction


Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales.

Credit: Michael Verba via Unsplash.

Lilly swallows and clenches her teeth. Her hand shakes as she slides a rook forward,” Check.”

Krista’s lip trembles, “That’s not fair.”

Her eyes grow large, “Never mind, checkmate.” Lily screeches and flips the chessboard; the fight’s only begun.

©️ AmandaME. All Rights Reserved.

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Wee hour rumination # 20


Never be blinded by glinting gems
for our life in this world
is fleeting as the wind
as limited as the trickling sands of time
so stop counting and sorting the riches you acquired
but do what matters most in this life
if you believe in goodness of the hereafter
©Winnie, Musings

Eunoia prompts January 2020

Prompt # 4: Counting and sorting the riches

Photo byTembela BohlefromPexels

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Mischief and The Muse

Smell The Coffee

Though I’d vowed to cut my poetry -writing to once a week, Kerry’s wordlist on Instagram was irresistible. I didn’t have the time to write, but my muse thought different- so I’ve written about that. 

When caged words lie buried within

a heart that craves nothing but solitude

and the quiet of a moonless world,

a muse pulls on these words

with a force weightier than gravity

Her desire – to watch letters fontificate

across a page dressed in

upper and lower cases

shirking semi-colons

….with no regard for conformity 

…….just for the sake of it!

© Vivian Zems

Skylover poetry -Words used- moonless, gravity, cage, solitude

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