Fait Accompli

Charmed Chaos

Albert Joseph Pénot – La Femme Chauve-Souris

Caught in an eternal moonrise
as deja blue overcomes
deep in the hastening twilight,
I seek your luscious lip’s song
floating in the lagoon reflection
of a midnight sonata sky.

Here in my tormented dreams
is where I find you and your eyes
while sacrificial blood courses
through my hot pulsing veins.

My hunger yearns to kiss your darkness,
To taste velvet petals of amaryllis upon my tongue.
My soul aches to blossom in full flowered splendor,
I thirst for your blood red wine release so divine
as a percussion drum pounds, pounds in my head
with an unrelenting rhythmic fervor.

Entangled in black silk as I shudder awake
only to see, cast from my night swim dreams
your molten sulphur eyes staring back at me
as I give in and sigh, a fait accompli.

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