Your beauty seems just the same;
let the cold winters’ passing strip
the leaves off your proud summers,
the beautiful springs turning
to yellow autumns in the course
of Nature’s advancing Aprils
full of perfumed flowers burning
up hot Junes, all running away

From the day I first saw you,
I knew I had loved you forever
upon first glancing – You still today as fresh as then,
my eternal soul stopping to bend before you,
still fresh and green —-

Life’s hand is a clock wiping away youth;
yet still his hand stops to rest upon your cheek —
stopping to move so slowly that no one
can see the time eroding.

In this way your beauty stands still while
ever changing and though my eyes may be deceived,
I love you still as if You are forever young.
Because, before you were born, the greatest examples
of Timeless…

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