33 thoughts on “Tears and Sadness

  1. It’s funny when I write it’s as if I get this feeling I scribble down a few words then write on the blog on a whim no editing just free…I never edit I just write
    It’s my words the most honest way I can speak ❤💖 crazy right lol

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    1. Oh, I’m so happy and excited for you!! That is the best thing to do, write it down. Instead of letting these things bounce around in your head and build up anxiety and make you sad or crazy capture them on paper. Even if it’s a title, a word or feeling or hope or dream. Give what is in your head a Root in time and space and on paper! I think you will like this process???
      xoxo 💖🌹


    1. So sorry to hear about your day but especially concerned about “No words can Express”! Yes, I think some merlot and some white noise sounds like the ocean, rain or a babbling brook might take you to a peaceful place!
      xoxo 🌹💖😢


        1. Yes, I understand what you mean, and it’s true – but sometimes there are times when you feel like you have the breath knocked out of you and even when you have something to say – at that moment, you can’t? Like that? Then there are the situations where it’s better to leave – words, left unsaid!!
          xoxo 💖🌹


    1. Yes, I love that! Taking chances can be risky, but well worth it! Carpe Diem!! Besides sometimes when balanced against the now you are living taking a chance on a different tomorrow seems more like a reasonable opportunity!!
      xoxo 💖🌹

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    1. Your words cheer me up!! Sad to have to go through the door shutting and letting go! Your words – “There is no going back again”! Sounds like a great title to me!

      She heard the door
      firmly shut behind her
      then turned to take a final look
      as the whisper from her heart
      Said, Sometimes

      (your turn – keep it going)

      ____ __ ___ ___ ____ ___!

      Your words always tempt me?
      xoxo 💖🌹


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