Only Reading

Valorous Bird

why don’t I spend my time
on reading today?
figuring out
what others have to say?

reading is one remedy
which would give me
topics and words to write
picking one from various genres
might become todays delight

as far as I am concerned
no topic seems to have
engrossed my mind
lately, nothing has affected me
much to give me a hard time

going through some inspiring words
always have given me a hit
I have always end up writing
something my mind agrees to and fits

because reading is the best gift
one explores different scenarios and lands
while in one place she sits

@ Kritika

Yesterday night went writing few words which completely did not satisfy me. The rainy weather today produced these words.

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Everyone is a river.


Everyone is a river

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A poem, for new book, The Island.


                                     Everyone is a river
Nicole sat in her bra and pantie, her bare feet moving and dancing in water of lake Superior. I adored watching her and I traced her body with my eyes. I loved her tattoos on her tender skin. On her back were wings of a angel, mixed of many colors making her back look like a rainbow after a soft morning rain.
Steve Hanks 1
A string of red rose bushes rose-up her left leg to her lower back. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She turn to me and she asked. You like my tattoos? My favorite tattoo is the flowing river upon my right arm. Dear Johnnie, everyone is a river, we…

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The huntress




knows her power

heaving out of her like

red clay forming stars

the power it has on

those who watch

unable to quit her

imperfection as much an aphrodisiac

as those fine lines converging into

her thin bones

drawn tight and ageless

she smiles a drowsy grin

down turned eyes glinting

the thin shake of her hair

sharp curve in high cheeks

noble and unrepentant

she has more confidence than you

with your excuses and your fumblings

could ever possess

if she’d taught you, she’d have said

no, no, no you’re doing it all wrong

if you want that woman to like you

be cold, be indifferent

and occasionally, throw her a scrap

don’t ever show her your full regard or

the depth of your eyes

heft her over your shoulder when the time comes

take her to a dark place and without apology

do what you must, thinking…

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Tormented by Megha Rani

Royal Rose

I wonder why it throbs
aches and hurts like hell
every time that moment passes me
touches me gently
with its fleeting touch
but leaves blisters and scars on
my suppurating skin
leaves me
shuddering in pain
a moment spent in hell

I wonder why I choke on my words
mumble and stammer every time
your name is mentioned
in a passing conversation
I turn mute
and all the screeching and the screaming
fails to bring out the pain and agony
flowing through my pores
are left untouched

I wonder why my quill
still bleeds when I write
and words scream and
howls of pain;
I guess,
they are waiting eternally
for me
/to realize this/
to start
writing about you again.

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When wisdom flows

Savvy Raj

When wisdom flows

It sees no borders that bound

Humanity speaks for itself

Beyond the east or West

To let go of the trivial niggles

In unity of understanding.

Of the bigger picture….

There is much wisdom in integration, in finding meaning in the divergences.

What a poet relates of the truth in humanity.

What a scientist relates with theories of relativity

Are all drawn from the same well.

Of cosmic vibrations,

Of conscious awareness,

Of the eternal truths of life.

Where wisdom flows

There is Universal consciousness


Here is a beautiful conversation I came across between the great minds, of Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore…..when the two met and spoke at length.

Do take time to read this interesting dialogue between them in this article link below.

Tagore and Einstein in conversation

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