Be Sure You Read Linda’s ending in this post! It is a masterpiece of Hope, Faith and Strength!!

Charmed Chaos

2020 begins with an air of uncertainty. Since mid- September, various health issues have plagued me. In December the alarm sounded, and I could not ignore it any longer.
Now with this new year, I begin with a round of testing to see exactly what is going on with this heart of mine. It has withstood many heartbreaks over the years and still, it keeps beating.
And yet I ponder, do emotional heartbreaks scar the heart to the point that one day it says- Enough? I remain hopeful that is not the case for I do not believe it is my time yet.
But this much I do know, here, today- I choose to be brave, I choose to stand tall, I will not give in. Instead, I will smell the fragrant roses, I will kiss the sky good morning, and I will cherish every golden moment.

winter morning dawns

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