Focus on the Big Picture to Fuel Your Day – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


It lies on the horizon. Shrouded in mist, more of a mirage than anything real. Yet, when I squint, the fog falls away, and my imagination conjures missing details, adding color, definition, and clarity. It seems incredibly distant. It mocks me, hovering tantalizingly beyond my reach. The universe is fickle and refuses to divulge the roadmap. There are no instructions, no listicles of the exact steps to take, no hint of a path, or any sign anyone has ever passed this way before.

Inaction is not my friend. I cradle my ephemeral vision in kid gloves, protecting its fragile existence as I shoulder the impossible, and set to work. Obstacles arise, and I discover my own insecurities created the hurdle I must navigate. Facing unfounded worries, paralyzing fear, and self-destructive thought patterns, I stumble forward with relentless determination.

There are mountains to move, valleys to cross, and rivers to ford…

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