Little Sexy and Cute things to do today! ;) xoxo


I believe it is the little things that make people happy in a relationship, here is my personal favorites!

1.) Guy’s give her your shirt to wear to bed. My favorite, he wears it all day with my favorite cologne and at night hands it to me. Does not matter if it is a button down dress shirt, a t-shirt, any will do as long as he wears it! It will remind you how attractive he is!

2.) Ladies, spritz his favorite perfume on his pillow in the afternoon so that when he goes to bed that night he smells you all night long. It will be faint and he will wonder why you are on his mind!

3.) Pack his lunch with a little post it or my favorite write on his napkin, ” I Love You” or “Can’t wait for tonight” or my favorite, ” Miss your lips…

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