Untangling Complete Chaos in Favor of Plain Crazy – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Holidays shouldn’t happen mid-week. It is saner to amend them to a weekend in a reasonable, structural manner. Even then, it is preferable to schedule them beginning on a Thursday to allow for a reprieve from an inevitable Monday.

In the last two weeks, I have experienced four miserable Mondays. After multiple calendar checks and confirmation with other sources, I discover another one looming. My body tells me it should be Thursday, while the data confirms it is a Sunday. I am confused, discombobulated, disoriented, and a tangled mess without my schedule.

They have disturbed my typical sleep patterns. I don’t know if I am staying up late, waking early, or collapsing from exhaustion and taking a nap. Festive cocktail parties, wrapping presents, negotiating traffic, and adhering to pressing deadlines can take their toll. After braving family dinners fraught with complex dynamics, and taboo topics, raising a glass or two on New Year’s Eve is as…

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