By Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm

She Dreams Of His Lips
All Over Her Body

And His Body
Melting Into Hers

His Passionate Kisses
And His Wild Tongue

And The Taste Of
Every Inch Of Him

The Sound Of Him Whispering
Drives Her Wild

His Magical Hands
Make Her Want Him

She Craves
The Weight Of Him On Top Of Her

And Dreams Of Him
Taking Control Of The Moment
And Her Body

As He Ravages Her Repeatedly
Into Ecstasy And Makes Her
Scream “Oh God, Oh God, Yes, Yes,
Over And Over Again

While The Fury And Passion
Of Oneness Ignites A Fiery Flame
Inside Her Body And Soul,
Bonding Her To Him

And As Dawn Awakes Her
She Curses The Sun
As It Steals Her Dreams
Of Him

Copyright © 2020 Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair #Free #eBook #Amazon #Kindle

Poems for Warriors

The Jungle_Upton Sinclair

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair – (Originally Published 1906)

Upton Sinclair’s dramatic and deeply moving story exposed the brutal conditions in the Chicago stockyards at the turn of the nineteenth century and brought into sharp moral focus the appalling odds against which immigrants and other working people struggled for their share of the American Dream. Denounced by the conservative press as an un-American libel on the meatpacking industry, and condemned for Sinclair’s unabashed promotion of Socialism and unionization as a solution to the exploitation of workers, the book was championed by more progressive thinkers, including then President Theodore Roosevelt, and was a major catalyst to the passing of the Pure Food and Meat Inspection act, which has tremendous impact to this day.

This American classic muckraking satire is a must read. For a limited time, the Amazon Kindle eBook is free to buy.

Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission…

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Order or Not

Source of Inspiration


I’ve always
liked everything
organized, in
its proper place
living a calm rhythm.
Yet there is a
wild side of me
daring, adventurous
even outrageous at times.

I’m learning to
honor them both
the yin and yang of me
for if I try to push
one away, ignore its needs
I become divided
not whole
incomplete even.

I’ve spent a lifetime
trying to live up to expectations
mine and others
instead of just accepting
all of the parts of me.

Now I am exploring
learning about each
of the complexities
that are part of the
kaleidoscope of me.

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Untangling Complete Chaos in Favor of Plain Crazy – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Holidays shouldn’t happen mid-week. It is saner to amend them to a weekend in a reasonable, structural manner. Even then, it is preferable to schedule them beginning on a Thursday to allow for a reprieve from an inevitable Monday.

In the last two weeks, I have experienced four miserable Mondays. After multiple calendar checks and confirmation with other sources, I discover another one looming. My body tells me it should be Thursday, while the data confirms it is a Sunday. I am confused, discombobulated, disoriented, and a tangled mess without my schedule.

They have disturbed my typical sleep patterns. I don’t know if I am staying up late, waking early, or collapsing from exhaustion and taking a nap. Festive cocktail parties, wrapping presents, negotiating traffic, and adhering to pressing deadlines can take their toll. After braving family dinners fraught with complex dynamics, and taboo topics, raising a glass or two on New Year’s Eve is as…

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Awe Of You

Sarah Doughty

“My love, even after all these years,
I still catch myself in awe of you.”

It was a blazing sunrise. That moment you caught my eye. Like I opened my eyes for the first time and after a lifetime of dark, I could see light. I marveled at the way it danced through your hair, the way those sapphire pools in your wires sparkled. It felt like coming home. Like I was already there. And I never wanted to leave.

© Sarah Doughty

Even after all these years,
I still catch myself in awe of you.

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