THROWBACK FRIDAY- Linda Lee Lyberg- The Beginning

Go Dog Go Café

The sea bit my ankles
as I wandered the rocky shore
searching the waves for answers
listening but hearing none

So I decided to take a stroll to the dark side of the moon
to see if what I sought may be waiting there
But alas no one one was home,
for it was dark, desolate and bare

And I traveled among the stars
dancing on the Milky Way
hoping to heal my scars,
and brighten my dreary days

But then I found myself back where I began,
searching for the answer for peace
as I walked the windswept rocky shore
and, there at last I found what I was looking for

So the moral of this tale my friends if there is one,
is when all is said and done,
you always end up right back
Where you’ve begun.

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

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