My Guru

Source of Inspiration

puppy messes

Gone is an orderly house
clean floors, sweet rhythm
of life, replaced by chaos,
half-chewed shoes
wet newspapers on the floor.
Alegria nips my toes and nose,
barks at his shadow and fills
my day with laughter, shredded
books, ragged dish towels
of tug-of-war.

How this tiny creature
has changed my life.
Creating tornados all
around me, he renews my
enthusiasm with his ability
to create fun from an
unguarded object he
manages to steal.

When did I forget to
have fun? To be joyous,
even silly, to delight
in everyday living?

My guru with floppy ears
a little puppy who reminds
me that life should be fun
spontaneous, daring and filled
with chewed up pens and shoes.

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