Happy New Year’s Day Birthday – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I love January first, with its new baby smell. Today encourages us to forget the past, look toward the future and consider limitless possibilities, and vast horizons. There are wonderful opportunities, unimaginable miracles, and glorious sights waiting for us to discover.

On this New Year’s Day Birthday, I hope you find a fresh beginning, time to pursue your true purpose, grand endeavors, and lofty goals. May you move forward with confidence and courage on this great 365-day trip around the sun. You are precious, unique in the entire universe. The probability of being born as you is about 1 in 400 trillion. Those numbers confirm it, you are a precious incarnation. You are a blessing and an inspiration to the people whose lives you touch.

Here’s hoping your life’s potential accelerates, blasting you into the stratosphere, taking you where every wish is fulfilled. To infinity and beyond. Set a course…

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