Setting Meaningful Resolutions – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Bang! Fireworks explode louder than a starter’s gun, and I panic. Am I ready? Have I compiled my New Year’s Resolutions, and do I stand any chance of completing them? Or will I trip, fall, and gasping for breath, collapse on the ground before I reach the quarter-mile mark?  I bet some won’t make it off the blocks. They say most people abandon them by February. I suspect the problem lies in only preparing for a 100-meter dash instead of the marathon our self-improvement laundry list demands.

My checklist is short, simple, and stacked to ensure victory. I also have a one or two-word annual theme. My mantra for 2020 is “success.” I developed my resolutions by asking a single question–How can I find success this week? My writing goal is to write 1,000 words each week. Not 52,000 words this year. My brain sees the big number, and immediately says, “no.” But…

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