Lessons I’ve Learned Over The Last Decade

Nicole Lyons

Love doesn’t mean forever
and loyalty can carry a weight
far heavier than betrayal.
Friends will come and go,
but the good ones will leave you
with a heart full of love
and memories to last a lifetime.
Once you’ve saved for a rainy day,
your world will indeed flood.
It’s okay to disagree with people
on controversial ideas, they are
usually subjective anyway.
Until they aren’t anymore.
Climate change is real.
Your kids will develop their own opinions,
their own style, their own outlook,
and you will hate so much of it.
Breathe deeply, you’ve taught them well,
now let them stretch their legs.
The first time your daughter
tells you she can comb her own hair,
it will break your heart.
Rest easy, in time she will ask you to
sit with her and comb her hair,
and you will. And she will tell you all
about her…

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