Friday Favorites-The Reluctant Poet

Come read Penny’s “Friday Favorites”! So humbled, honored, surprised and grateful to have been selected

Penny Wilson Writes

Welcome to another post of my Friday Favorites!  I’m sorry that I skipped last Friday, but with being smack dab in the middle of the holidays, I suspect you understand.  My goal, each Friday, is to bring you a little information about a Favorite Blogger of mine.  Check them out and they may just become a favorite of yours too!

Chuck, at The Reluctant Poet is a favorite blogger of mine for several reasons.  The reason that I originally connected with Chuck is because he writes some of the most amazing and beautifully romantic poetry!  THIS  is an example of what I mean.  Be sure to browse thru Chuck’s archives, you’ll find a treasure trove from a talented poet!

Because of Chuck’s style of poetry (romantic), I felt that he would be the perfect Beta Reader for a book of poetry that I was (and still am) thinking…

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