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This poem is in continuation of my micro poetry.Please read it here.Rain.

Pitter Patter
as it drops slowly 
seeps into my soul
and make its home
with every word, syllable 
I create and morph
as my quill dances on the papyrus
it drenches my soul
leaving behind that petrichor
an effervescence
an everlasting fragrance 
it spreads around
and infuses my
living being
it gives sustenance 
to my parched soul
melting and joining those cracked pieces
 making a collage
of my broken self
a beautiful mosaic 
complete and whole
Pitter Patter
my words blotch and moistened 
circles around my pain
and draws the boundary
to contain the 
where it belongs;
My words dripping from my quill,
imitates the rain in my soul
–Megha Sood
Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

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