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Love DescribedLove Described?

How to describe love?
Nothing abstract about it
You either love or you don’t
The best life has to offer
is always found in people.

© 2018-2019 – Donna Matthews

The above poem is written in the form of tanka. The tanka form is generally a short poem with the following pattern 5-7-5-7-7. In its purest form, tanka poems are most commonly written as expressions of gratitude, love, or self-reflection and can be read forward and backward. Learn more about poetry styles here.

Hey y’all, thanks for visiting the Go Dog Go Cafe and I hope you enjoyed reading today’s selection. I am Donna Matthews, a born and bred Texan who can usually be found writing, painting, taking pictures, or traveling the world on foot. I’m all about love, people, sharing, and doing life together and would love to get to know you. I host two blogs…the first, The…

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