Food For Thought! Things I live by and admire in others! Written By Me!


I am real and that is how i choose to portray myself!

1.) Respect others and yourself, and vice versa, because how can you respect others if you do not hold yourself in the same high regard.

2.) Keep it classy never trashy. There is a difference between being passionate and expressive verses vulgarity.

3.) Be you, no matter what that you is. Never question your abilities and compare yourself to others as there is only one you…And that you is unique!

4.) Be loving, honest, sincere, humble, genuine, i promise i am those things and ask for the same from others.

5.) Be the friend you would want to have.

6.) Open you heart, be thoughtful and considerate of others and there feelings. I despise people who are two faced, judgemental and crude or harsh. I never understood hurting anyone by words or actions.

7.) Do not sweat the…

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