No Sinners Here, Please.

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Can’t sing in the choir
your voice is not good enough.
Can’t sit too close to me
’cause you smell too bad.
I saw you making eyes
with your neighbor’s wife
can’t have such
goings on in our church.
This is God’s house
don’t you know!

But wait, isn’t it the sinners
who need to be here?
Center front is where
they ought to be.
Don’t throw the wicked out
just ’cause they’re
hard to love
for God loves sinners, too
or else He wouldn’t love
you and me.

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7 thoughts on “No Sinners Here, Please.

  1. Church is for those who seeks the love of God, not the hypocrisy of man. But until we receive the revelation of who God is, we learn to love each other, and urged to pray hypocrisy to leave.


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