December’s Look back ~ Poetry Reflections

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Steps In Between

December Look Back Poetry 2019 Looking Back Buck Art: Looking Back Buck, by Patti Deters

I am thankful for a December look-back. The first Sunday of a new month is an invitation to visit my poetry page, Wednesday Whims of Poetry. It’s that beginning of a new month where I encourage reflection from the month before…before it’s gone. Time moves like a sleepless night. It flows whether we’re caught up or ready, and tirelessly we move forward because it’s the only direction to go. But not today. Today I welcome a look back to the weeks before, with a chance to reflect and share…

Please visit my Wednesday Whims of Poetry Page:

December Look Back Poetry 2019 Looking Back Blue Bond Art: Looking Back, by Blue Bond

My most recent November poems are Moods of my Sometimes, Tired, and Marooned in the Season. I suppose it makes sense my monthly poems typically (although not always) carry a thread connecting them. Each season has…

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