Daring to Move Past Criticism – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


It takes a brave person to share their secret hopes, impossible dreams, or cherished aspirations with the world. We work on cultivating positive thoughts, believing in ourselves, and dispelling our fear of rejection. Then we take our precious babies and announce their existence to friends and family. If we are lucky, they respond with understanding and support, but often they attack our fledgling ideas with criticism, shooting them down before we can fully develop them.

Those helpful individuals are quick to point out all the reasons you can’t, they poke holes in your premise, deem your logic faulty, or claim your plan is ill-advised. No one will ever go for that, they say. Those energy vampires can get their fangs into our excitement and deflate our commitment. It’s not personal, they declare, but the criticism bites us to the core.

This is the season when we contemplate goals, and set…

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