“She had Angel wings upon her back”


She had Angel wings upon her back

Her long auburn hair rolled down her long slender back. The tattoos Angel awoke secret dreams and nightmares. Her tattoos rolled down from soft neck to tender calves and feet.

She was a dancer and she was loved and appreciated. She was dancing to Bob Seger song “Night moves’. Making men wish for hell before accepting heaven.

She befriended me because she saw something different in my eyes. I was writing poetry while she danced and I caught her attention. She liked me because I had nothing to give and nothing left. This made her feel safe. She wanted hollow love and friendship.

She didn’t need money. Her income from dancing was enough. Her perfect toned body moved to Leonard Cohen “A million kisses deep”. Tattoo of a black rose bush rose from her calves to her back. Men paid deeply to have…

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