An Introverts Guide to Surviving Holiday Parties – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Required holiday celebrations begin this weekend. My introverted nerves jangle as I brace myself for the marathon that ends New Year’s Day. Crowds make me uncomfortable. I prefer staying home in my comfy PJs, bunny slippers, and snuggling under a blanket with a book. Large parties suck the life from me, blending with normal people is a challenge, and small talk is an awkward ping pong match. Socializing and connecting with others good for me, but I struggle to balance interactions and fake smiles with the individuals I want to see.

Behind each event, is a frantic host who has spent countless hours and superhuman effort to ensure perfection. Honoring their work and surviving, means setting rules before I enter the venue. Pre-party, I arm myself with non-controversial, conversation-starting topics I can use when discussions lag. I move between groups before I run low on questions. I am not shy…

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