Planning and Managing December Exhaustion – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


December’s reputation is that it is the busiest month of the year. My calendar confirms the legitimacy of that claim. I am exhausted just contemplating my commitments. Multiple party invitations, friends wanting to meet for dinner, and shopping for perfect presents, create a dogpile on the list of tasks I want to complete before we bide goodbye to 2019. I also have the ongoing remodel, with endless decisions required to keep the project on track. I need a nap.

With added responsibilities and heightened expectations, I am including a few more items to my daily program.  I am taking care of myself to keep my energy at optimum levels. This includes rigorous adherence to getting enough sleep. I wasn’t kidding about the nap. They say the best results are relaxing for 10 to 30 minutes between 2 and 3 pm.

I have committed to observing my water intake, ensuring I…

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