⚔️Power Fears People⚔️

Poetry By Archangel White Wolf

I’m a warrior

Tip of the spear

But why in Gods name

Am I here

They don’t want a war

We don’t want to fight

Yet here we are

At deaths door tonight

In a foreign land

We don’t understand

Our leaders treat us

Like toy soldiers

We die young

So they can grow older

Maybe it’s time

We brought them here

Put them where we stand

Show them real fear

We’re the consequence

Of their childish actions

Two children fighting

An overreaction

They’ll never learn

Idle in their towers

Nothing will change

While we give them power

Take it away

Expose their lies

For they’re more venerable

Than you and I

The thing tyrants fear

Is people power

So let’s kick them out

Of their ivory towers

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