Coping with Unexpected Challenges – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I thrive in organized and systematic environments. I consider efficiency, speed, and precision, the main indicators of the ultimate success and satisfaction of every endeavor I undertake. Having the proper tool for the job is paramount. As a planner, my first step before launching a project is a well-conceived plan. I gather my supplies before I set to work. When everything is ready, the conductor steps to his podium raises his baton, and the music swells.

That is how I orchestrate my life under normal circumstances, but embarking on a complete house remodel, has complicated my everyday routine. My possessions have been packed and stored, and I am displaced, needing to live off-site for the duration. Nothing is in its familiar, assigned space.

Kitchen gadgets, once taken for granted, are not accessible. Doing laundry depends on the laundromat’s machine availability and requires an unfamiliar process. Simple tasks that once required…

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