Sunday Afternoon Reboot – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Sunday is unlike any other day of the week, and it holds a special place in my heart. Wedged into the weekend’s end, it is a transition from fun-filled frivolity, to productive work. The Sunday following a long holiday weekend, leaves me anxious. Freedom, flexibly, lack of structure, and general flailing about without a set agenda wears on my need for an ordered schedule and measurable productivity. While others nap, play games, and indulge in binge-watching favorite shows, my fingers itch, my mind looks forward, and my body hums with a desire to act.

Thoughts turn toward possibilities. Rested and recharged I can’t wait to begin again. I pull out my planner, review the past week, assess where I stand, and plot my path. The start of a new month carries so much promise, and I front-load my week’s plans. The surging strength within me, demands direction. I devise a…

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