THROWBACK FRIDAY: This Secret Life of Mine

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Secret Life of MineThis Secret Life of Mine

Maybe you’re unaware
of this secret life of mine
Not a fancy gossip affair
But rather boring and benign
Focused only on the bottom line

Ten-key clicks the hymn rhythm
of accountants everywhere
In concert with all of ’em
Every month in my chair
Every year accounting with care

And now another budget season
Setting aside the poetry lines
and picking up my logical reason
Off I go with a little whine
To this secret life of mine.

© 2018-2019 – Donna Matthews

English and Spanish Quintain: A quintain is any poetic form containing five lines. The rhyme scheme for English quintains is usually A-B-A-B-B, while the Spanish quintains have a choice rhyme schemes such as A-A-B-B-A and A-B-B-A-A and A-B-A-A-B and A-B-A-B-A. Learn more about poetry forms here.

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