Tuesday Writing Prompt- Thanksgiving

Keep it alive



Giving thanks is essential for each one of us

We all are so blessed with countless blessings

Where does one start to enumerate all the gifts

If we look at our own self we can never be thankful enough

For what we have been given to experience this world with

Then we have our family, our friends and community too

The health and wealth, the joy and the laughter all treasures

The words we read, those that we write and the songs we sing

The seasons we experience the seas that we sail on and

The beauty that we are able to see and perceive all aroundus

A happy🍁🍂🍀🌷 thanksgiving to you all!🍂🍁🌺


Today’s prompt :

Write something around the theme ofThanksgiving–being grateful, family, food, traditions, etc. It can have a serious tone or create something that will make us laugh.

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