“What do you want to do?” #Inspiration #GoodWillHunting

Poems for Warriors

Warning: YouTube clip contains NSFW language.

I love this scene! Will (Matt Damon) and his therapist, Sean (played by Robin Williams), are talking about the future.

This scene came to mind recently after I started meeting new people recently. I went out but things kind of flopped.

One flop isn’t going to stop me though.

It wasn’t fun, but it also wasn’t the end of the world.

Will’s therapist challenges him with the question, “What do you want to do?”

Will is a mathematical genius and he has chosen to be a janitor at Harvard University.

He can be close to academic peers without the fear of failure and abandonment. He sabotages a relationship with a premed student when things get too real.

I won’t tell you what happens but as a defense mechanism, instead of being vulnerable, Will gets defensive with Sean, “You’re lecturing me on life?! Look…

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