Collapsing Your Supernova Story into A Neutron Star – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I enjoy writing flash fiction. It is a challenge. A delicate balancing act of equal parts constructed puzzles, wrapped in the epitome of simplicity. A stellar start is second in importance to a great ending. The ideal goal is leaving the reader with an unexpected twist. The best endings require the reader to reconsider something they know intimately, or realize the true significance of a common occurrence. A spectacular finish must resonate long after they have put the piece aside.

The author tells a simple tale, one can assume it will end with a reasonable rationale. If the writer succeeds, the ending creates surprise, conforms to logic, produces unseen insight, and generates pure delight. This is no easy feat when you are working with fewer than five hundred words.

How will you delight your reader?


Keep on writing.

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