Seduction and destruction

In mind and out

The darkest night,
wore red lips and black fingernails.
Glossy hair like street lamps on dark pavement,
and slick with rain
She crossed your mind before you looked both ways
and you wished that you could turn back time and forget –

That darkest night,
she wore decadent jewelery
glittering strings of shattered glass
engraved with old accidents
written on windscreens
headlights on memories of impact,
circling her wrist in jagged reflections
sharp and shining like menacing jewels
that replaced the lightness of your day

That night, she is a memory now
but she wears your poems like a fitting dress of mourning
she took your own edges and bled them into her shadows
so you live them –
so vivid in black
you carry that darkness into day
she took your spirit
and you are haunted by her ghost

You will never forget
That night

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