Squeezing in Reading Time and Planning A Dream – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I am a voracious reader. My preferred reading style is consuming books, from start to finish, in a single sitting. I’ve never possessed the required discipline, or desire, to limit myself to a chapter before laying the book aside. Perhaps I’m impatient. Books in a series present the same challenges as a marathon. If I plan and schedule, I can finish trilogies over a weekend.

The pace is not sustainable if you have multiple interests. The result is my reading takes on a seasonal feel. There are definite periods when my reading list shrinks perceptively, and seasons when it stagnates. Exploring unknown worlds, discovering captivating facts and entertaining controversial viewpoints is part of who I am.

Winter is here. Snow covers the ground and daylight fades early. A soft blanket, a comfy chair, and a roaring fire help keep me warm. This weekend, I am indulging in a reading marathon…

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