Common Ground

The Stories In Between

If you could seeWhat I seeIn those moments whenYou're most vulnerableYou might recognizeThrough the hazeOf your sadnessThere is something within youThe word beautifulFails to describeI've heard you cry outFor nothing moreThan the most basicOf human needsTo be touchedIn a wayWhere you are seenTo be heldIn a wayWhere you are heardTo be safeFrom all thisWhich has been given youTo hear those wordsThis is not your faultSuch things Are not much to askIf I could give themTo you, I wouldOver and overA thousand times a dayBut like youI've never known
These things
You'd think in thisWe'd find common groundBut it's exactlyWhat keeps us apartFor how do we giveWhat we've never knownHow do we shareWhat's…

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