Almost lovers


Almost lovers—-
Misty eyes girl,
she loved the sea,
she loved the whiskey,
she was a shade of light, a shade of darkness.
She knew the rhythm of every Leonard song.
I loved her and she loved the corridors of the kiss and the lovers dance.
She loved her freedom and she told me often.
Never love a Gypsy gal,
they just loan, steal and run.
you were my bathing beauty,
you loved the long bath and the quiet talk.
I use to wash your hair slowly and I whispered my poetry to you.
I was intoxicated by your eyes, your sweet voice and the landscape of your perfect body.
Once you saved me and now we danced on dangerous sea.
Should we swim toward each or away?
Should we stay or should we go?
I told her, love is the plant of peace.
Maybe my heart of…

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