Embracing Minimalism While Writing to Excess – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I was born organized, neat, and tidy. And while I enjoy a comfy cozy environment, I am more minimalistic than others living in my house. My mother tells stories of how, as a small child, I would precisely arrange my toys on my shelf. Heaven forbid if she helped to put them away and placed them in the wrong spot. A closet with evenly spaced hangers and clothes arranged by sleeve length and color calms my soul. And I have never “lost” a sock in the laundry.

My tendencies influence my reading and writing preferences. Flowery work makes my eyes glaze. I get disoriented, overwhelmed by the superfluous words swirling in my head, and I miss the story’s point. Vocabulary and etymology are a passion, which helps enrich and expand the nuances of a tale. There is a fine line between using a rich word, and a pretentious one. When in doubt…

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