Season Nuptials…November Poetry, of Course!

Steps In Between

november poetry 2019 fall waters Fall-Water-Sun captured by my iPhone on a brisk fall day.

November Poetry, of course! If you follow me, you know I am overly inspired by fall. I apologize to my fiction writers out there, story-writing is also a passion of mine. But here we are in the heart of the season (and the first Sunday of a new month), thus I am sharing my poetry page ( I’ve even written a new poem for my readers…it’s at the bottom of this post, Season Nuptials.

november poetry 2019 leaf imprint My iPhone capturing a leaf imprint from the sidewalk by my house.

Sharing poetry makes me feel alive. It’s like I’ve left a little trace of myself in the world for my children. One day, hopefully waaayyy down the road, they will be able to stand on a November morning and feel my embrace with each drifting leaf, or a brisk wind-kiss to their cheek.

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