Loving and Hating A Freaky Halloween – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


For years, I associated ‘The Wizard of Oz’ with Halloween. The movie scared the bejesus out of me. I was probably too young. I have vivid memories of sneaking into the hallway and watching where my parents couldn’t see me. It was not my wisest decision. I paid the price, suffering nightmares of flying monkeys and the wicked witch chasing me along a yellow brick road. Even today, I avoid following Dorothy as she finds her way home.

Reading or viewing scary stories, horror tales, thrillers, and cozy mysteries are low on my priority list. Like a skeleton, I skip them because I don’t have the guts. They freak me out and I feel unsettled for days afterward. Studies say people who dislike scary movies never developed a deep association between fear and fun. Well, duh.

Maybe it is the reason behind my love-hate relationship with Halloween. Trick-or-treating for candy was…

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