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hello-i-m-nik-698722-unsplash.jpgMaybe this is my share of love

my share of light,

which I can cup in my palms

and be satiated

imbued with pure delight

of feeling alive

with thought brimming in this resplendent mind

that life though is a myth

but I’m still living this fanciful reality

with all its vigor and gist

Maybe this sliver of light is

good enough to light up the dark corners of my heart

the credulity of time

which has fooled us for eons

is finally

going to meet its death

the charade is going to end

Maybe it’s the reason to celebrate

and be filled with joy

like of the new blooming petunia

outside my home

that it all ends

where it starts

and life comes a full circle

a wilting flower

gives seeds for the new life to sprout.


Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

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