The Promise

Sarah Doughty

“Promise that you’ll hold me when I break.
That way I’ll know, everything will be alright.”

For the longest time, I’ve denied myself the ability to truly feel. I’ve hidden myself behind barriers of apathy, trying to numb everything. My emotions. My mind. I even turned off my muse. But I came to realize that I was only torturing myself. I chose numbness in a futile attempt at putting up a mask. An attempt to be more normal than I actually am. I even found myself joking and offering half-hearted giggles to further hide from the truth. I was suffering, just as I always have. And, thinking back, I’m not entirely sure what the reason was for doing it at all. Maybe it was just an automatic reaction. Maybe it was something that lasted far longer than I meant. But you saw right through me. You saw the cracks that…

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Somehow… #Poetry

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

cat-1938461__340.jpg Image by

Walls and bars do not a prison make

the great philosophers would have you believe.

Mind has its own barb wire, keeping things in,

keeping things out, neither meeting the other.

Like the two halves of the brain, working the opposite side

Two halves of a suburban street, neither knowing the other.

Faces with no names, a smile, a nod when passing

A mumbled good morning leaves a feeling of civility in the air.

We have no need of man-made bars

Too many of us walk around in a prison of our own making.

Taking on too much work, no time to rest to be joyful

One small kindness can break down walls,

Vanish dark clouds, bringing back hope

Somehow, humanity will survive. we can reach out,

find a wall, break it down, let the light back in

A genuine smile can lift the gloom felt by…

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I want to dance with you tonight


    (Easy life and quiet death-Sir Walter Scott)

    (We poets in our youth  begin with gladness; but there off in the end despondency and madness- Wordsworth)

    I want to dance with you tonight

    Sober days and nights led us to places of loneliness. Two people sharing one house with locked doors, not enough words spoken and love forgotten.

    Once we were young and fearless. I couldn’t live without your kiss and your embrace. Once your voice and touch made me believe love was alive and forever. We held love like a delicious pain.

    Today I watched you. Us sitting together without conversation.  Cell phones and tire mind accepting life as-is. I told you.
    Honey, dear and my pretty lady. We need to depart this grave of our home and find some song. I want you in your red dress and red shoes. I need your evil smile and wild needs. We…

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    Trapped within Myself – #poetry #fear

    Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

    What is that sound,
    Outside my window pane;
    Tap, tap, on the glass,
    But it is not the rain.

    Shadows move in closer,
    Only fingers do I see;
    Trapped in my own bedroom,
    He has finally come for me.

    No escape from the darkness,
    No, this is not the night;
    Still, I should make a run for it,
    But I’m blinded, by the light.

    How can this be happening?
    Why pick me, I ask;
    Seems my question is complex,
    Too tough for his simple task.

    Pondering what the next step is,
    He seemingly moves away;
    Now’s my chance to run for it,
    But something makes me stay.

    This shadow brings me comfort,
    When nighttime offers none;
    Perhaps I should confront him,
    Instead, I choose to shun.

    Be gone with you, I cry aloud,
    You are not welcome here
    Still, he lingers, knowing,
    It’s his presence that I fear.

    ©2019 Dorinda…

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    Katie Kay

    Hello, my dear readers!

    I hope you all are doing well on this beautiful Friday. Here in California we are experiencing the wrath of the mighty Santa Ana winds, so please keep this state in your prayers as we brace for more wildfire threats.

    For today’s post I thought it would be interesting to do a “Thoughts” post in which I ramble a little bit. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts with you all, so I hope you don’t mind if we stray away from poetry.

    Before we start with the thoughts, I want to alert you as to some posts you can expect to see in the coming weeks. Sometime soon I will release my short story “Shadow” here on Katie Kay! It is a psychological thriller that I wrote for creative writing class, and I’m pretty excited about it. Additionally, I want to do a…

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    It Is In Loving – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


    dVerse Poets – Polyptoton

    At dVerse Poets Frank has invited us to use a Polyptoton in a poem. One example that comes to mind is from the well known ‘Prayer of St. Francis’ and the line “To be understood as to understand.” Or where the word form doesn’t change as in the Beatle’s “Please, please me ….”



    “This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love; the more they give, the more they possess.”  Rainer Maria Rilke

    It Is In Loving

    There is no price
    where love is known,
    a value beyond all values,
    you cannot capture
    and make prisoner your desire,
    love is not in subjugation,
    purchase or control,
    that is not love at all,
    rather, it is in loving
    that we are loved.

    ©Paul Vincent Cannon


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