As Poppies Weep – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon.


RDP Thursday – A Flower Cried



“All war is a symptom of man’s (sic) failure as a thinking animal.”  John Steinbeck

As Poppies Weep

How best can you die and
at what hands might that be,
how excruciating can we make it
of bullets, shells and gas
lost in the thick of bloodied mud
and barbed protections
that betray any sense of humanity
certainly not animal because
animals know better than we,
how is it that we,
the thinking species,
slit the wrists of
every generation
and dare to call it glory,
and for what,
some politician’s ideological orgasm
where there are no gasps of ecstasy
only sobs of grief and despair
as poppies weep for the seed of youth.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Coming Full Circle

I Write Her


My tender years were filled with daily harshness and critical evaluation. No wonder I grew up feeling less than someone. My mother was so very demeaning and cruel to me, making my alcoholic, absentee father resemble a saint. My life, like all others, had its own set of hurdles to overcome. I’ll be the first to admit – it was a daunting task.

In August 2012, she died in Asheville, NC at the age of 73. She was hit by a speeding truck as she was jogging home. Yes, she was jogging. The man who hit her only had one brake working on his vehicle; otherwise, I’m guessing he would have been able to stop in time. She was dead on impact but resuscitated. Still, she was brain-dead at the scene and would be until she finally expired four days later. Her heart was strong. Probably because she was a…

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Unfortunate Love

Confab With Me

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Charmed Chaos

Frank Dicksee- Wikimedia Commons

And I say to you there is no truer truth
than a love that withstands the ravages of life,
for a heart that loves in trying times is the truest of them all

And he who possesses a brave heart, with a warrior’s spirit fights
the noble fight with savage might to strike, to smite
those hateful enemies trying to extinguish his true love’s light
but they will not win for his loyalty will shine on into eternity
And she, loved by him, her ever faithful mighty knight
will be forever smitten with him as he fights for her with fervency

dVerse Poets Pub: Polyptoton

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“Republican lawmakers around the country are erecting roadblocks to the polls”

Art of Quotation

As the student vote surges, so do suppression efforts

Energized by issues like climate change and the Trump presidency, college students have suddenly emerged as a potentially crucial voting bloc in the 2020 election.

The share of college students casting ballots doubled from 2014 to 2018, a potential boon to Democrats. But Republican lawmakers around the country are erecting roadblocks to the polls, and barriers are rising fastest in political battlegrounds.

Quotable: “Efforts to deprive any American of a convenient way to vote will have a chilling effect on voting,” said the director of Tufts University’s Institute for Democracy and Higher Education.


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Daily Prompts- Tears

Keep it alive

Summer has ended and fall came to claim

It’s share of the foliage and withering flowers

A flower cried copious tears of heartbreak

They glistened on the petals like burnished gold

The glint of a tear frozen into a crystal

Caught her eye, on the way back from school

Fascinated and excited she collected those frozen tears

Thinking she had found a great treasure

When at home, she dug around in her pocket

But her hands came up empty but wet

The tears melted and seeped away

The crystals crushed anddisinterested

Leaving the heartbreak of the flower behind

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;



Burnished, Crystal, Flexible




A flower cried

Word of the day Challenge;







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