Writing With the Rain

Steps In Between

write with rain 5 Photo Credit: Unsplash, also from Justice Poetic

I am writing with the rain this morning. The house is quiet, as still as the cup of coffee steaming at my side. At the moment, it’s a calmness quite far from the workings in my mind. As a writer of poetry and fiction, a teacher of young students, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend…I feel overwhelmed today.

write in the rain 2 Art by Carol Robinson, Morning Abstract Blue

Tranquil time is hard to come by with my schedule, even harder with the level of responsibility…or guilt I place on myself. The more I creep in age; the less time and energy I have to accomplish the great feats I wish to achieve. This is my own desire to create and experience life to its fullest. I want and choose to appreciate the opportunities given to me. But I often feel small in…

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