The Return ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

My dream last night
Left me feeling
Like there wasn’t much left of me
I thought to myself

“I’m way to old to die this young”

So I put on my old shoes
And followed a voice that said

Run away with me
To Mother Mountain”

I knew that it wasn’t long
Before I’d be shaking hands
With the Holy Ghost
I knew the time had come
To listen to ballads and blues
Suddenly I felt a cold hand take mine
I knew immediately that it was her
The Devil had returned

She said,
“Rock with me
And we’ll listen to the echoes of the dark.
You’ve had good days and bad
And it’s time to let me hold you.
I’ll be your midnight lover,
I have seen under your scars,
So come with me to the wrong side of Heaven.”

I woke up then
Wondering what my choice…

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