Freedom To Love

Sarah Doughty

“Love was never
supposed to be defined.
Love is meant to be free.”

Love was never supposed to be defined by color, religion, or gender. It shouldn’t matter what they look like on the outside. Love speaks from the heart and the mind. Not someone’s genitals.

© Sarah Doughty 2017

Let me note that
this does not mean
I’m advocating for
any illegal activity.
Two consenting adults
should be all that matters.
Not the color of their skin,
their religion, or their genitals.

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Thursday Inspiration #26 – My heart

Keep it alive

Paulais the host of Thursday Inspiration.

Welcome to Thursday Inspiration!

This week’s theme isheartand the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “Heart of Glass” recorded by Blondie in 1978:

Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out had a heart of glass
Seemed like the real thing, only to find
Mucho mistrust, love’s gone behind

Puzzle heart


My heart

Maybe broken by betrayal

Or the unspoken words

The pieces are like shattered glass

When I pick them my fingers bleed

Or is this the blood of broken dreams

It will heal I am sure but would never be

The pristine core of my being it was before

Now it refracts emotions in a distorted way

Like a puzzle put together in a disordered way




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Clearing the Way to New Possibilities – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Everyone thinks spring is a busy time for mother nature and her gardening friends. I find autumn is a much busier season. There are seeds to harvest, sort and save, debris and dead vegetation to clear, compost piles to turn, vacationing house plants to move indoors, and cold-tolerant vegetables to pick and store. Trees and shrubs planted in the fall establish strong roots, and there are hundreds of tulip bulbs to bury deep in the soil. There are garden hoses to drain, birdbaths to winterize, fallen leaves to rake and firewood to stack.

As I perform all these tasks, I remember what worked well this year. I analyze areas that could use improvement, and ideas for fresh garden features settle into the fertile fields ready for a long winter’s sleep. There will be icy winter evenings in front of a roaring fire, considering what may be.

Potential lies in seeds, bulbs, soil, and our creativity…

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Shutting You Out

Sarah Doughty

“Shutting you out was my worst mistake.
Like I left you before I let you go.”

And I felt it. The end. It wasn’t just one thing, though. It slowly drifted away from my outstretched fingers. Carried by some unseen current. Though I tried to hold on. To you. To us. It wasn’t enough. That was when I began to drown in the broken pieces of my heart. You see, I never wanted things to turn out this way. With so many tears and a future we dreamed, torn away in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t bear to look at the expression you tried to hide. The one that told me how lost you felt. And there I was, trying to keep myself from facing a reality I didn’t want to recognize. By shutting you out, it was like I left you before I let you go. It was…

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