Safeguarding Diamonds – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I guard my seconds, stick to my schedules and attempt to squeeze every ounce of productivity possible from my workday. Likewise, I construct my playtime around the activities I enjoy. They revitalize and recharge my batteries and prime my creativity pump. The horror comes when my time is hijacked and those diamonds Horace Mann refers to, evaporate into thin air.

If you woke to discover your stash of flawless jewels stolen, you would call the police, file an insurance claim and offer a reward for their return. Yet when your day filters away, lost forever, we shrug our shoulders and forget about it. Are those moments any less valuable than diamonds?

There are days when we know we will confront unavoidable downtime, waiting in Dr. Offices, at the auto repair shop, or the DMV. A little planning can help. When I expect I might have to wait, I bring a book to read…

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