Hold Me Together

Heartstring Eulogies

“My love, you are all the comfort I need.
So promise you’ll hold me when I fall apart.”

I can feel it starting. The breaking. The cracks in my resolve. The emotions bubbling up and seeping through any weak point it can find. And I know it’s coming. The undoing. The inevitable fall to the floor in nothing more than a jumble of raw nerves, pain, and tears. But you’re right next to me and I cannot help but wonder if you’d be my shoulder. If you knew how much I needed to be wrapped in your arms and held together, would you do it? Would you be the brace I’d need to hold me upright? Would you hold me while I fall apart?

© Sarah Doughty

It’s okay to feel.
And it’s okay to turn
to someone you trust
for comfort.
It doesn’t make you weak.
It makes you…

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