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Sarah Doughty

“You see, I’m the lucky one.
I get to call you mine, just as I am yours.”

Sometimes, I feel like words aren’t anough. They can’t quite capture all you are. Beyond the surface and underneath. There’s so much beauty there on the inside too. And it’s hard to describe how you make me feel. You see, I’m the lucky one to have you in my life. I cannot help but wonder what sort of cosmic alignment allowed such a thing to happen, but I get to call you mine, just as I am yours. It never feels like enough, because you are so much more.

© Sarah Doughty

But I don’t mind trying
to list them all over
and over again.

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Consider Your Obstacles to Attain Your Goals – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I have a monthly ritual. I analyze my word counts, compare totals against my goals, and I set my schedule for October. During my most recent review, it shocked me to realize less than 90 days remain. The countdown stands at 78. It’s a source of distress for me. Normally, those numbers have little impact, but we are talking about the year’s end. It means a reduction in time available to complete my work.

Holidays, like today, Columbus Day are the culprit.  Celebrations, family obligations, and traveling, cut my normal scheduling availability by another ten days. Suddenly, it appears my daily averages will drop. I am not willing to accept an avoidable disappointment and returned to my agenda to make a few adjustments. There is still a way to reach my objectives. By picking up small additions over the next two weeks, everything should be fine.

How do you plan to reach your goals?

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